Health Technology for National Development

Traveling Out of the College
Students traveling or staying out of the campus overnight are advised to complete the exit form available at the office of the hostel master before leaving and on returning to the hostels.
Students returning to the hostel at night that is after 11:00 pm must subject themselves to security checks at the gates and ID cards may be collected and retained by the security until the following morning.
Absence from classes with concrete reasons should be reported to the lecturer in charge of the class. Absence from classes on health grounds must be certified by the director Health Services or a Government Medical Officer of Health.

Alcohols, Drugs, and Smoking
No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the students halls of residence. Consumption of alcoholic beverages within the college campuses is strongly prohibited.
Students whose drunken and disorderly behavior is likely to cause disruption of the tranquility of the environment will be disciplined by the college authorities.
The use or possession of hard or illegal drugs may be a ground for the immediate expulsion of a student and or reporting to the police, pharmacist or health worker.
Smoking is not permitted in the college campus.

Criminal Offence
Some criminally minded students erroneously believe that they are immune to arrest and prosecution for criminal offences committed in the campus. It should be understood clearly that the management of the college has no right or power to prevent the police and other law enforcement agents from performing their statutory functions. Hence students involved in acts that are criminal in nature or likely to cause disturbance or breach of public peace such as robbery, cultism, extortion, rape, assault, fighting, rioting, inciting, etc will be subject to severe disciplinary action and in extreme cases, to expulsion from the college. The Provost reserves the power to handover such culprits to the police and other law agents. Students stand expelled from the college on conviction.

Identity Card Unit
The Identification card unit is one of the most sensitive units in the Student Affairs Division. It handles all matters relating to the identification of both staff and students of the Taraba State College of Health Technology, Takum. The procedure for obtaining identity cards by students is as follows:
1. Obtains a form from the Identity Card Unit and fill the form and get it endorsed and stamped by the College Registrar.
2. Present the originals of admission letter before the completed forms are submitted for processing.
3. Submit the completed identity card form along with photocopy of admission letter and a passport photograph to the Student Affairs Officer.
The student identity card is issued to all students in the college upon the payment of a prescribed fee. Where a student loses his/hers, a new one is reissued only after.
a. Swearing to an affidavit in the court.
b. Obtaining a clearance of the Student Affairs Division.
c. Praying a prescribe replacement fee to the college.
d. It is an offence for students not to carry their identity cards on their persons, be it within or without the campus.

Change of Name by Students
a. A students can change his/her name by swearing to an affidavit in the court, publishing change of name in a widely read newspaper or magazine and then submitting both the affidavit and the publication with other relevant documents such as marriage certificate to the Dean of Student Affairs or HOD.
b. Students are advised to always write and spell out all their names correctly in full with the surname in capital or underlined. c. The college will not be responsible for any misspell   or miss-ordered names on diplomas and certificates arising from non-compliance with this rule.

Sports, Games and Recreation
The college takes keen interest in students’ health, physical fitness and welfare. It encourages all students and staff to take part in recreational activities and participate in well  known games, sports and athletics. Programmes of activities are organized through the sports master.
The sports master is responsible for planning, organizing, administration, and coordinating sporting and recreational activities within the college.

All communications from the Students’ Unions, registered Clubs, Associations and Societies to the Provost should be routed through the Dean of Student Affairs with the endorsement of the appropriate staff advisers and patrons.

Personal Vehicles and Motorcycles
Students who own personal vehicles and motorcycles must obtain clearance from the Dean of the Students Affairs and a permit from the College Security Department. Such vehicles and motorcycles must be parked in designated places and their owners must undertake to abide by the College Campus regulations. Failure to abide by such regulations may lead to the withdrawal of the permit and other disciplinary measures may be applied. Vehicles and motorcycles are parked at owners’ risk.