Health Technology for National Development

This is an event to formally enroll the students as a member of the college. Every matriculating student must collect and sign an oath form which would be filed with the Academic Board. Any student who fails to sign the matriculation oath form would be deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the college.

Hire of Matriculation and Convocation Gowns
During matriculation or convocation ceremonies concerned students must hire a set of the matriculation or convocation outfit to be used during the occasion. The student must promise to abide by the following conditions of the hire:
1. not to put on the regalia until the day of the ceremony
2. to ensure the safety of the outfit;
3. not to write or sew in anything anywhere in or on the gown or the cap, nor the hood;
4. to return the outfit to the administration unit not later than Monday after the convocation;
i. that if the student fail to return the costume to the administration unit of the college within the stipulated period shall pay the prescribed cumulative fine of one thousand naira (₦1000=) only for each day of unauthorized retention
ii. that if the student loses or damage the gown he or she will pay the replacement fee to the college.


Matriculation Oath of Loyalty to the College

I ………………(Name in full)………………………. With Registration Number: ……………………………., of the Department of ………………. In consideration of my being admitted into the Taraba State College of Health Technology, Takum, do hereby solemnly pledge to be of good behaviour, not to belong to any society/cult or any society not approved by the College and to abide by the rules and regulations of the Taraba State College of Health Technology, Takum and any other regulations of the Federal or State Government specifically made to ensure civilized and orderly community life in the College. The College shall exercise the right of suspension or withdrawal of my admission or expulsion from the college should I violate the above pledge.


So Help Me God.