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Staff Mails
Non Staff Mails

Academic Transcripts
a. An official transcript of a student’s academic record and performance shall be complied and kept by the Registrar of the college.
b. Academic transcripts shall not be sent to the graduate owner; any other person or employer but only to institutions of higher learning and scholarship boards’ request.
c. Each request for an academic transcript shall be honoured only on the payment of three thousand naira (₦3,000) only within the country and five thousand naira only (₦5000) outside Nigeria. Application fee to the Registrar and the receipts shown at the registry.
d. The request shall normally be done in writing to the Registrar by the student or ex-student requiring it or by the institution of higher learning or by the scholarship board. The full name and address of the institution or scholarship board must be written in the application.
e. Request for transcripts to more than one body shall attract multiple fees

The application letter for transcript should capture the following; thus:
Takum Local Government Area,
Primary Health Department,
Taraba State.
Date: …………………………….
The Registrar,
Taraba State College of Health Technology,

Application for Transcript
Kindly forward one copy of my academic transcript to the address below:
The Secretary,
Undergraduate Sandwich Programme,
University of Nigeria,
2. My particulars are as follows:
a. Name: Kingsley Bamidele Chinedu
b. Reg. No. 12/HND/454
c. Department: Environmental Health
d. Cadre: HND
e. Year of Admission: 2012.
f. Year of Graduation: June, 2014
3. I attach herewith a receipt of Three Thousand Naira (₦3,000) only being the cost of the transcript.
Thanking you in anticipation for your valuable time and assistance while I remain:
Yours truly,
Kingsley Bamidele Chinedu
Reg. No. 13/HND/454

Clearance of Graduating Student
a. Upon graduation, all graduates must obtain clearance form from the Registrar of the College and to get cleared by the following divisions of the College: library, finance unit, hostel, Student Affairs, Laboratory, Security, Discipline Master, Demonstration Unit, HODs, Deputy Provosts, and office of the Provost respectively.
b. All graduates must present/show their clearance certificate from the Bursary Division of the College before receiving their statement of results and original certificates respectively.
c. All diploma, HND, and degree graduates must present/ show a clean copy of their completed research project reports bind according to the Departmental standards/specifications and in fulfillment of “b” above before receiving their statement of results and/or original certificates.

Change of Course
A fresh or first year student may be advised by his or HOD if so discovered that such student cannot cope with the course so admitted for. Such a student will be caused to write an application routed through the Academic Board to the Registrar for consideration. The application shall attract a non-refundable fee of Two Thousand ((₦2,000) Naira only.
Examination General
a. Qualification for taking part in an examination
A student is qualified to write an examination on the following conditions:
i. has 75% attendance.
ii. has continuous assessment scores.
iii. Registered as a student in accordance with the college regulations. Examinations are expected to be conducted under strict invigilation with strict adherence to time. Those who break examination rules or involve themselves in examination malpractice must be punished in accordance with the provisions of the examination regulations in the student handbook
b. Scores distribution
i. Continuous assessment (CA) = 30 % (12% minimum)
ii. Semester examination = 70 % (minimum of 28%).

C. Deferment of a Session

i. If for any valid reason, e.g. illness, a candidate cannot be present in any particular semester; an application for deferment of the semester must be submitted to the registrar through the academic board and under the fly seal of the HOD concerned. This application must be forwarded at the beginning of the particular semester and has to be approved by the Provost.
ii. A student is considered withdrawn from the College if for two consecutive semesters he or she has been absent without permission.
D. Release of Results
Semester examination results are released to students at the end of the semester or before the commencement of the next semester. This is important because students should know their results so that they know the progress or otherwise they are making. The following remarks do help students to know their progress or otherwise:

i. Pass
This shows that the candidate has passed all the courses in the particular semester.
ii. Carry-over
This means that the candidate has a GPA of 2:00 but failed some courses (scored below 40% or less than 12 in Ca or less than 28 in semester examination). The registration for carry-over per each course/subject is one thousand naira (₦1,000) only.
iii. Repeat
A candidate has good reason for not completing the semester or writing the semester examination. Also students who miss out the promotion grade narrowly may be asked to repeat.
iv. Withdrawn
Candidate’s GPA at the end of second semester falls below 1:00. Candidates can also be withdrawn on disciplinary ground.